Our departments


Praying and interceeding for the visionaries, vision of the ministry, and the congregation at large. They also see the purpose of God concerning this work come to pass in its season and its timing.

Email: intercessory@jcckenya.net


Receives and ministers love to the first time visitors, serves them a cup of tea and snacks. They also follow up on the new believers by giving them basic teaching on salvation.

Email: follow-up@jcckenya.net

Music Ministry

Doubles up as the Worship Team, Choir and the Music Ministry. The Worship team is responsible for the praise and worship sessions in church and for any church event. The School of Worship under the Music Ministry, trains singers and musicians of character and passion.

Email: music@jcckenya.net


We reach out to schools, colleges and prisons, individual witnessing and open air meetings.

Email : missions@jcckenya.net

Youth Ministry – “OASIS”

Oasis is the youth ministry of Jubilee Christian Church, We curve out our Identity-“Oasis” from the book of John 4:14 “But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life."

Email : oasis@jcckenya.net


In charge of security affairs in and out of the church sanctuary. They are also in charge of parking cars for church members and visitors to JCC.

Email : security@jcckenya.net

Streets of Gold

They make tea and snacks and serve them to people after church services.

Email : streets@jcckenya.net

Sanctuary Keepers

They are in charge of making sure the sanctuary is tidy before services.

Sound Team

Setting up the sound equipment before church services, also providing sound for any function held out of the compound like weddings. They make sure the sound equipment is in good working condition, for better performance. Cleaning up the equipment, is also done by them.

Follow-Up : sound@jcckenya.net

Décor and General Outlook 

Decorating the sanctuary and the church premises at large and setting up for meetings. They also teach and train people on how to prepare the relevant materials and set up for different functions like dinners, breakfasts, weddings, luncheons, etc.

Email : décor@jcckenya.net

Children’s Church

This is an arm of JCC that ministers to the children. They hold full services for the children and teach God’s Word and related activities. There are wonderful teachers dedicated to excellently preparing bible-based lessons.

Email : children@jcckenya.net


Armour-bearing men and women of God coming to minister or visiting JCC. They also do handling the security detail for the Pastors and ministers.

Email : protocol@jcckenya.net


Handles the cooking of meals for pastors and ministers on Sundays and during conventions. They also prepare snacks for sale after services. There is a school of catering which trains cooks and individuals on bringing a five star hotel close to them.

Email : catering@jcckenya.net

Business Forum

Does Weekly meetings to equip business men and women and professionals on how to do business and still be anointed and blessed. Practical topics are handled and invited ministers bring it out sharply.

Email : business@jcckenya.net


Waiting on people and making them feel comfortable in JCC. They wait on and direct people to their respective sitting places.

Email : ushering@jcckenya.net

Hands of Compassion

Attending to the less fortunate in the society. Giving alms and foodstuffs, clothes and man power where needed.

Email : compassion@jcckenya.net


Dancers With A Purpose is a dance group where they use dance as a ministration tool.


Organise sporting activities in JCC in order for the congregation to keep fit.They also solidly organise family fun day.